Monday, April 20, 2009

Stashbusting Week 16

Well, once again I fell off the wagon. And it wasn't even my fault. Got an email from a "Friend" (I'm using this term very loosely here after my blowout) telling me of a great sale on of Civil War fabrics. So I thought I would have a quick look as I did need some backing for my current quilt. Well (gulp) I just couldn't leave it there. Such a bargain at $5.00 a metre!

So now my ins have exceeded my outs. I REALLY will have to do some serious quilting in the next few weeks to amend that. Oh, but it's such nice fabric............and who can resist a bargain.

Fabric added this week: 48 mt/yds
Fabric added this year: 146.3 mt/yd

Fabric used this week: Nil
Fabric used this year: 120.4 mt/yd

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Quilt

I sure wish I could concentrate long enough on one quilt to finish it. Sat down to watch an episode of Simply Quilts while I ate my lunch the other day. A lady was teaching a class on Reproduction Quilts and was showing some of her Antique Quilts. Oh, that looks nice I thought. I'll draw up a block in EQ. Then had a better thought - why not make up ONE block and keep it on the design wall to remind me.

So I made the one block. Looks OK. Pretty quick to make too. So now I have 30 blocks cut out. Why do I have this compulsion to keep starting quilts? I bet I'm the only quilter in the world to do this. :-)

And it looks dull!!!!! The photo below looks better than it does in real life. So hope it improves as I add more fabrics in. I think the background fabrics of some blocks are too boring. I think the busier backgrounds look better and add more interest to the quilt. So may end up with more than 30 blocks

Monday, April 13, 2009

A little sewing and Borders

Well, home from the weekend away and had the urge to do some sewing. While looking thru some boxes the other day for sewing to take to our Night Group I came across this quilt I had made some time back. Wasn't very fussed on the result as I thought it looked pretty plain even though the repo fabrics are just beautiful.

But I hate giving up on a quilt and so put some borders on. Put a narrow 1 1/4 inch inner border on and it immediately looked better.

Then the outer border and hey presto it looks 100%.
It's just amazing how borders can change a quilt so much.

So have made the binding and will prepare the backing tomorrow and it can go into the cupboard of The Great Unquilted.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lazy weekend

Well, I had the most wonderful lazy weekend. Bar-b-que on the deck, the Easter Bunny and catching up on Blogs.

Cocoa is the cutest little girl who lives across the road and she came to the bar-b-que.

The bunny came to visit on Sunday.

And what a clever bunny. Jacque doesn't like chocolate so look what the bunny bought for him.

Stashbusting Week 15

Well, once again I did good and bad in my Stashbusting efforts. . I needed some black for some quilts so got a bolt. But I did finish the QS for Vic Bushfires. So some out and some in. Now I need to concentrate on the OUT aspect of this challenge.

Fabric added this week: 15 yd/mt
Fabric added this year: 98.3 yd/mt

Fabric used this week: 15 yd/mt
Fabric used this year: 120.4 yd/mt

Monday, April 6, 2009

Almost done

Well, after my tantrum the other day I rebelled and went to the sewing room. I've made a decision that I will sew for at least half an hour a day. Not that it has worked out as some days it just isn't possible. But I did get the floral top together the other day and loaded it today and started quilting.

I'm going away for the Easter weekend and hope to take it with me to sew down the binding but having doubts it will be off the machine by then. I also plan on taking some fabrics and my BOM blocks and will cut out if I have the time. Like I don't have a million other things to sew.
Our new night quilting group starts next week and we have quite a few ladies interested, so getting excited about that. And I've booked our airline tickets for the Sydney Show in June!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Serious withdrawal

I can't believe so much time has gone by and I haven't sewn a thing. I really have serious, serious withdrawal. I started this blog as my quilting diary so I could keep track of my quilting life..........just wish I had a quilting life! Why do so many things get in the way?

This easy, easy floral QS for the Vic Bushfires is ready to be sewn up........and has been for a couple of weeks.
This Mystery BOM is the first BOM I've every signed up for. WOW, do I like this I say. The fabric and pattern arrives each month like clockwork. Easy, peasy I say. I can easily keep up with this, it's only one block a MONTH. Well, yes it's only one block each month.......if you manage to do it. I'm only 5 behind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the lovely oriental fabric I got for a really quick and easy quilt....just needed some black.

Well that's no problem as I also need some black for this s00n to be made another "really easy quick quilt". But alas it hasn't even got around to being cut out. And I've once again broken my FAD. So since my last blowaut I've added another 15 mt/yds.
So, that's the story for the last few weeks. I just want to sew!