Sunday, April 7, 2019

Mystery of Motivation

Where does motivation come from?  I have been in a quilting slump for so long now.  Nothing seems to make me want to sew.  Last weekend I went to the sewing room with the intention of sewing for hours.  So after looking at ALL that fabric and the UFO's and some books and some patterns I closed it up and went back to the TV.  It was just all too hard.  Watched some You Tube quilting bits. 

This weekend I thought I had better get a  quilt quilted for a friend that I have had for ages.  Well the backing wasn't big enough.  In the process I found three charity quilts another friend that I had forgotten about so thought I had better do them.  Did one.  Feeling a little energised I got the next one out.....batting too short.  Number three was OK so did that.

Charity Quilt
 In the process of looking for batting scraps to extend the short batting I found one of mine.  Oh well maybe I should do that as it's sat there for so, so long now.  Took it to the sewing room to find thread for it.  BAM!!!!!!  I'm excited.  I want to quilt!  I want to sew!.

This was enough to get me excited.

So finished the charity quilt and loaded my Nine Patch immediately.  The Reproduction Nine Patches are from an internet swap years ago.  Quilt has just been waiting so long to be done.  So it's loaded and will start it tomorrow.  And the binding is sitting at the machine waiting.

So what is the Mystery of Motivation?  Was it the fabric?  The colours?  The memory of what I love?
I have no idea.  Just the sight of that quilt did it for me.  And I look back and see my last post was November 2017.  WOW again!

So wonder what I'll do next.  Perhaps I''ll finally finish my NYB?

Been waiting a long time

Do some sewing on this one?  I wont say finish....miles of work to do but it's all cut and ready to go.....well mostly....think I need some  more  centers.

Trail Mix

Well whatever I do will be just fine.  And I know I'll be trawling the blogs to soak up everyones   enthusiasm and excitement and motivation and progress.