Sunday, December 29, 2013

How Many Log Cabin Blocks?

Well finally finished the final block for the quilt.....but maybe I should have checked way way before I finished cutting.  I end up with too many blocks but couldn't figure out why.  Then went over my notes this morning.  I had kept a tally each time I completed a bunch of blocks.  19 plus 25 = 44.  44 plus 14 = 58.  58 plus 10 = 58.  58 + 19 = 77. And so on to the end.  And I didn't find out the mistake till I laid out the quilt!!!!  What a waste.....all that sewing for nothing.  Oh well.  So now to sew it into a top and get borders on.
Last Block

A Stack of Log Cabins

Ready to be a Top

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I seem to be at little ahead this time of's been less than a year since I posted!!!!  My goodness at this rate I could have THREE posts next year.   So much for a diary of my quilting life.....but I have done lots.  A friend and I have been working on quilt patterns this year and so far have 12 designs released so that was a major achievement.

Anyway it's lovely to be sewing and sewing.  I have a commission quilt and the lady wants blue and cream.  I'm using some yummy batiks and of course purple slips into the mix.  She did see some sample blocks and was happy with them.

It has been so long since I just sat down to sew with no pressure and no timeline and I'm just loving it.  So will work on getting lots done this Christmas.

So 35 blocks completed and 121 to go!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Well, it has been quite a while....again!  I watched Chris Jurd's DVD today and was so motivated I just had to go and makes some more blocks.  So now have 7 to go.......have one almost finished but can't find the fabric so may have to re do that arc.  can't find anything close to the colour.  Sure hope I can keep this up this year.  I have challenged a friend to finish one quilt a that sounds familiar....I joined Judy's 1 quilt a month a few years ago and none of those got guess I can try again this year.  The machine isn't working at the moment so can't do anything......oh but I did quilt one of them....the DWR......just have to bind it.  The challenge is to finish one project by the end of the month so I guess I can make it after all.  Wonder if just the binding counts..........