Saturday, January 30, 2016

This weeks achievements

Very happy to finish three quilts this week.....that brings me to seven YES SEVEN quilts for this year.  Wow has been many, many years since I did that.  So have a binding to sew on for the next one and hope to start that tonight, but first I may go make a couple of tiny, tiny nine patches for Circa 2016.

2016 FAL Numer 7

Last quilt I finished is Marbled Hearts.  This one seems to glow - made around 1997 and finally finished!  My 7th for the 2016 FAL

2016 FAL Number 6

Next finished was this just beautiful Pineapple quilt.  This was made around 2000.  I just love the border fabric and the fussy cutting.  My 6th for 2016 FAL

2016 FAL Number 5

Well I got a couple more quilts finished (while watching TV - which I can't remember what I watched)  Very happy to be churning thru them.  This is a little baby rub so was quick to quilt and quick to just need someone to have a baby.  At a guess I made this around 2008.  Number 5 for 2016 FAL.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Civil War Love Letters Quilt

After doing the little blocks for Circa 2016 I got the urge to used some reproduction fabrics again.  Haven't done much with those fabrics for a long while so dug out my Love Letters blocks from years ago.  Had printed out the foundation papers for a lot of blocks and found one half finished that and then did 2 more.  They do take extra time but  look good.  So I discovered I have 19 blocks now and a couple of strays that could be from Love Letters or could be from Civil War Diaries as I got both books at the same time.  So will make a block now and then and see where I end up.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A New Quilt

Well, try as I might I just can't resist starting a new quilt.  read on Temecula Quilt Company last week where they are starting a Circa 2016 quilt.  All scrappy and a mystery and in reproductions.  Well, I ask How Can You Resist.  Well, of course I can't so jumped in this morning and made the first lot of blocks.....Oh and so tiny.....but cute. As I was choosing fabric I discovered some lovely reproductions that I don't remember so it's rather tempting .......and I have just been visiting Barbara Brackmans site.

But I had better get off the computer and get some more binding done on some quilts.  I have the TV to myself this arvo so will put on a girly program and do more binding.....almost finished No 5.

No 4

FAL 2016

Number 4 in the 2016 FAL is a weeny little thing made many, many years ago as a colour lesson.  I'm not one to usually make little things but.....I did.

3rd Finish

FAL 2016 

Happy, happy here to report my third finish in 2016 FAL.  It sure is a great feeling.  these quilts have been lurking in the cupboards for so, so long.  Mind you I really don't know where I am going to store them now that they are out......  This one may be a give away one.

2nd Finish

FAL 2016

My second finish for the 2016 FAL is the Disappearing Pinwheels by Jenny Doan.  This one was supposed to be just a small throw but I got so carried away making the blocks that it has turned out rather large - about 68 x 78.  But I do love it and it's in reproductions and getting my taste back for them so......  I have an errant block in the corner.  when I made it I wasn't too fussed with the fabric combinations and was going to make another more pleasing one so did a different layout with it....and in the end didn't make another block and in the interest of finishing the quilt put it in and didn't bother unpicking it.

2016 FAL

FAL 2016

I'm happy to report I have actually finished some quilts for this year.  The first is the Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop from 2008.  Lovely quilt and now I have a Christmassy looking quilt for this year.  So this is Number 1 for the 2016 FAL Challange.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekend sewing and Stashbusting

Well, not too much done here this weekend.  Spent most of it doing a diary for a club I belong to.  Got to make some bindings this arvo and even got 3 attached to the still a bit to go before I have any finishes.  Put up my stats for my stashbusting for this year.  Thought a visual reminder may keep me on track for the year.  Better get to work so I can report a negative.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long

FAL 2016Not sure if I'm doing this correctly or not but will have a go.  I have joined the Finish_A-Long and made a page with all my aim-to-finish quilts for the first quarter.

I have 16 quilts I want to finish for the first quarter so had better get off the puter and get to them.

My Q1 List

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A great week of quilting

Well it's Sunday night and the end of my holiday.  I've had two weeks off and spent the last six days sewing and quilting- well mostly quilting.  Pleased to report that I have quilted 7 quilts in that time. So now I have 9 to bind.  So I'm feeling really, really happy.  I could be on track to finish all the 22 quilts this year!!!!

I have to admit that 4 of them are pretty small by my standards.  I tend to make medium to large quilts, but a finish is a finish.

First one today was a pinwheel made many years ago.  Hardly have any of these fabrics left so hoping I have enough for binding.

This heart one I made when I first started patchworking.  Two friends and I each made a quilt and traded fabrics to do it.  I found it on the internet, must have been around 1997 - 1998. The name Marbled Hearts and Mary Graham come to mind, but not sure how accurate my memory is.  Was wondering what I would bind it with and looked my cupboard and amazingly found the blue fabric I used in the border.  Just amazing to still have it, thou I'm not sure when the borders were added so could have been a few years later.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Powering along

Well have a couple more quilted and hope to get more done before the weekend is over.  Just found "Can I get a Whoop Whoop" so decided to join.  Always inspiring and motivating to see other peoples finishes.  I have seven quilts ready for binding now and hopefully another by tonight.  Some of these have been in the cupboard for way, way too long.  I'm not even tempted to start anything new - even with all that yummy new fabric just sitting there.  It just feels so great to be getting these quilts finally quilted.

So this is part of the pile.  Haven't put the binding on yet.  May get to that tomorrow.

This one I finished this morning.

And this one is on the machine now.  This one I made about 15 - 16 years ago..  So glad it hasn't rotted!  It will look lovely over the lounge chair.