Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pink & Black progress

Well got the sashing done on all the blocks today and  just need to sew them into blocks.  Seems more cutting than sewing in this one.  It's going to end up bigger than I planned to make.  I thought a throw quilt to snuggle under would be good but forgot to check the size of the blocks in my rush to start the quilt.  Oops!  Will try to sew a few seams each day before I go to work.  Next weekend is a long weekend so that will give me more time.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pink and Black

Well, got the parts cut  out.  Made it really hard on myself as I didn't have any FQ's so cut it up in bits and pieces........and me being me just love lots more fabrics thatn 12!!.  So started sewing it together today and happy with my progress.  Have got each row sewn, so tomorrow I can start the sashing between the rows.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

New Quilt

No progress on Swoon....still only 4 blocks.  But pulled - and well, YES, bought some -  fabric for a new quilt.  This is for a lady I know who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  So I thought I would make her a quilt to cuddle under while she goes thru it.  Her favourite colours are pink and black.  Have plenty (well I have some) black/white and white/black but not too many pinks, so a quick trip to the shops  was called for.  Won't be seeing her for about 3 weeks so I really have to move on this one.

I think the problem with my Swoon is the background.  It just doesn't sing.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Swoon blocks 3 & 4

Got 2 blocks finished this weekend.  Have to say I'm not loving it yet.  Normally when I start a new quilt I can't wait to get to the machine and have trouble stopping. And when I get some blocks done I get that hitch in my throat and think I JUST LOVE IT.  But this just isn't grabbing me.  The fabrics are lovely and love the colours but.....

Maybe it's because there are only 18 fabrics (plus background) and I would usually  use 118 !  Have always been a scrappy quilter and this is very controlled!  Sure hoping it will grow on me.