Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stashbusting 2009

Well, I have joined several others in taking Judy's Stashbusting Pledge. I have a serious amount of fabric and as my tastes keep changing I worry I may not like some of my fabric to even make it up. So my Pledge is

1. To bust 150 yards in 2009.

2. To finish ALL my current UFO's.

By finishing my current UFO's that will sure contribute a great deal towards the 150 yards. I have listed my UFO's on my sidebar as encouragement/motivation.

So wishing everyone a Happpy New Year and Happy Stashbusting in 2009.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Black and White Progress

Still working on the Black & White. I like the effect of the wavy fabric.

2008 was going to be my year for finishing my UFO's....well not too many got done. So I have listed what I can think of on my side bars. One list if for those that just need quilting. One list is of my projects for 2009.....don't think Dear Jane will get finished in 2009 but I will plod on with her. At least I seem to have my motivation back and even thinking about starting ANOTHER quilt. Big failing of mine - always thinking of new quilts to make without finishing the old ones. Oh, well at least I'm sewing again.

Designers Mystery Quilt

This is block 5 of the Mystery quilt. I managed to lose it for a while (that's the trouble with cleaning up - I keep losing things) Cut out Block 6 but managed to sew the wrong bits together so now have to wait for some more material. I rarely make things to instructions and when I do I just don't read the bits. I just look at the block and think "Oh yeah, just do such and such". That will teach me.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have joined the Black & White Challange over at Canton Village. Have been collecting B & W's for a while now but managed to get a few more the other day (not sure how many I had so as I was passing a quilt shop.....................)

So started doing a couple of blocks today. No idea what I'm making but saw one done by one of the other challangers and liked hers with the pink. So the first has pink highlights. Just making whatever flows. Would dearly love to stay home tonight and sew, think I have my motivation back, but alas tis the Christmas Season and must go to a party. Maybe I can sneak out early and get back to the machine.

Some of the pinks I'll use.

Made one block and that lead to the next, which lead to the next. Just simple blocks.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Quiltathon (with Judy) 3

Today was borders, backing, binding and batting

This one I have named Pretty Nines. Used the green in the end and found a lovely soft, ferny mauve for the backing. Haven't decided which binding to use - Mrs Marsh or the green spot. So will decide that when it's quilted.

Borders done, binding made, batting and backing all ready - just need to quilt. I have one customer quilt to do and the machine is all mine. Hoping to get lots of quilting done in the next few weeks - will be a good start to m,y Stashbusting 2009.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quiltathon (with Judy) 2

Having a wonderful time at this Quiltathon. Got my rows sewn up and now to decide about borders. I kinda like both. I have used a Mrs. Marsh antique floral for the inner border in a murky pink. Not ideal with the green and mauve.....but I like it and as that saying goes "Finished is better than perfect".

Also got my border on my Jo Morton quilt I made yonks ago. It was so hot and humid here today I dedided to go for a swim afert I did the borders. Have been back in the bay for over four years and haven't even dipped a toe in the ocean yet. It was just beautiful. On the way home a storm broke and we got some lovely rain. Unfortunately we lost our power and as everything we have depends on power that was the end of the sewing. I was in the middle of my shower and washing my hair when the power that meant no water. Managed to rinse most of the shampoo out with just a trickle that was coming through. Even had to go back into town for dinner.

Quiltathon (with Judy)

Thanks to Judy and Keryn I actually have done some sewing. Really didn't have any desire to sew but thought I would make myself do it. So I made a couple of blocks I had cut.

Then read about Judy's quiltathon and decided to do it. Read Keryn's blog and was inspired to do this. I made these blocks years ago and have been waiting for "just the right fabric". It never showed up so I decided to go with some Robyn Pandolph spots....some of my all time favourite fabrics. It may not be "just right" but it's DONE AND I'M SEWING!!!!!!!

Even sewed till 9.00 last night. Played some of The Quilt Show episodes while I sewed but will have to rewatch them as I didn't see too much. Now for the borders.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Quilting Slump

I have been in a quilting slump for moths now. I keep following lots of blogs hoping something will snap me out of it. was over reading Keryn's and like her I usually make Log Cabin blocks when I just want to sew. I have made I don't know how many Log Cabin quilts over the years so decided I should just sew something else. I knew I had two blocks from my Mystery quilt to do....but can only find one. So off I go and cut it out, so far so good....then the sewing....not so good. Made up the wrong 1/2 square triangles.....and can't find one of the packages. So much for that idea. Ah! I know. I'll sew up some blocks I cut out for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler. I had intended hand piecing this but as I'm in such a slump and done nothing on my Dear Jane for months I thought it best to machine piece it. And machine piecing is my off I zoom. Managed to get five done (somehow I even managed to cut out two of the same block, but blind Freddy would be pleased to see it, so no complaints). As you can tell I love reproductions and am using lots of shirtings in this one. So lets hope I'm back into the patchwork and quilting world. Scary thought that I may not want to do it anymore -------WHAT WOULD I DO WITH ALL THAT FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy is having a Quiltathon this weekend so think maybe I'll keep going and get this slump thing beat.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fabric Dyeing

Haven't posted for a while - but then haven't done anything for a while either. Did some dyeing with some friends on the weekend hoping that would inspire me. We did three 24 colour runs using different mixes and them some gradations. We also had a couple of different olives and browns.