Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some sewing

Decided to do a "15 minute" sewing bit today....and it turned into several "15 minutes".  Got 3 more  NYB's finished so have a total of 20 now.  10 TO GO.  And then the borders, I think they should go pretty quick as there is no setting in arcs etc, just piecing.

Found these Drunkard Path blocks, 30 in all and look very boring so will have to play and see what I can do.  Sure wish I could work out this %&*&(* blogger.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Breast Cancer Drainage Bags

Our little Tuesday Night quilting group decided to make these bags for the drive that Jody Anderson is running.  This link will give you lots of info and a link to get the bag pattern.  We managed yo get 16 made and will drop them off at the Queensland Quilt Show on Friday. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 Well it hasn't been quite a year but I thought I would try to get back into the land of the living.  The last few years have been just lost and very little sewing done and very little quilting for myself.  It's rather scary to think how fast the last few years have gone.....all that lost sewing time.   BUT, I hope that is changing, well in fact is IS changing.  Today I actually sat at the sewing machine and made a Brest Cancer Drainage Bag.  So, it's a start.  When I say no sewing I mean mostly no sewing.....I do sew one night a week at our little group. 

And this is my Tuesday night sewing effort.  I collected fabric for this quilt for many years (my friend Nicky tells me I have enough fabric for 7 NYB's.....but of course she has a vivid imagination)

I started this in January and have only got half way.  It's a Karen K Stone design that I saw on Simply Quilts about 10 year ago.........and still love it today.  All paper foundation piecing so pretty simple to do.
This is my favourite so far
I tried posting a few months ago but saw Blogger had changed and I didn't have the time to check out the changes.  And now this ner look seems OK except when I put in a photo I can't get back to  non centered text so more to learn.
So hoping this is the new first of many posts !