Sunday, October 23, 2016

Productive Weekend

I really have the quilting bug at the moment.  Finished binding my wild Pink Black and White quilt this week, cut the sleeve out, bought fabric for a re-vamped quilt I want to put out as a pattern, finished two customer quilts this weekend, quilted a sample Nicky made for me, attached the binding (yet to sew it down - that's a night TV job),  attached the borders to the tube quilt, cut the binding, made the backing and loaded it.  Now just have to either sew batting off cuts together of find a piece for the tube quilt and get it started this week.  Can't seem to stop and wishing I had more hours to keep going, but alas back to work tomorrow - but the week goes quick and then I can get more sewing done. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Brisbane Quilt Show

Well another year at the Quilt Show.  Some lovely quilts but vendors getting less and less each year.  BUT I did manage to buy fabric.

First up I got some 30's for a project I found in box from a few years ago.  Have about 12 blocks and need about had to get more fabric.

Next I found some lovely greys and beigy and black and white these tones. 

And these lovely light and dark grey.

Got these lovely plain fabrics.  Good quality homespun and nice fabric.

And my favourite for the day were these to die for aboriginal fabrics.  The colours are just lovely and the patterns just fantastic.  A couple people asked me what project they were for.  Project?  What project?  Seriously?  You have to have a project in mind to buy fabric?  Who knew??????

Monday, October 3, 2016

Tube Quilt

Long weekend here this weekend and I've managed to to not do too much sewing so making up for it this afternoon.  A friend made this quilt in blacks and browns that I just fell in love with so had to make one.  Had a couple of Jelly Rolls laying around so decided to use the greens.  Well it was as dull as dishwater!

So added some light and blues and tans and it sure improved a lot

So have it laid out and now sewing the rows.  Now just need to get some borders for it.

Final Swoon

Well it's finally finished and I still don't love it.  But I know the person I give it to will.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Swoon and Batiks

Finally loaded Swoon and quilting it.  Really can't remember when I ever made a quilt and didn't like it.  But this one just won't grow on me.  Don't even like my choice of quilting!!!  But want to get it finished and will give it to an "adopted" niece who tells me I STILL haven't made her a quilt.  She likes purple so this will keep her happy till I get a 'real' one done for her.  And this will be a first for me I'm sure.......only bought the fabric in April this year, so to get it made and quilted and finished in the same year will be a first. ***********

Only a couple of weeks to The Brisbane Quilt show and here I am contemplating what  fabrics I want to look for.  Now a look in my cupboards tells me I haven't even touched fabric I bought two years ago at the very same show.  So I think I need to sew some of it so I can justify buying more.  Isn't that clever of me?  So making a very simple quilt with Jelly Rolls I got back then.  Have never sewed with Jelly Rolls but thought I should buy some to see what the attraction was.  These are all greens thou they look blue in the photo.  Will get a better photo tomorrow.  Made one like this years ago in reproductions.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Swoon finished and a new quilt

Seriously, I have no idea how time can slip away so quickly.  Three - THREE - months  I last posted.  Well probably that long since I did any sewing also.  Made myself go and sew yesterday.  It's a BOM from 2009 that I never got around to doing.  I mean can you believe that?  Well I got a couple of blocks done (three were done last time I did some sewing). But then I have been to Bali, had a couple bouts of sick and now back on deck. 

So that got  the juices going and I'm ready to sew.  I have bought many books of the years and just flick thru them but rarely make anything from them.  Today I decided to make something in reproductions.  Seems an age since I used those fabrics.  And I decided to make something from a book.  First book I picked up was Judy Martins Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts and it took me all of 5 seconds to know which quilt I want to make.  This lady makes the most amazing quilts.  The whole book is filled with wonderful Extraordinary Quilts.  So all excited I went to the cupboard and right in front was this - purchased who knows when.

But I don't really have enough browns.  I want to make it brown and indigo and gold.  Hmm, just thought maybe I make the centres in brown and the logs can be indigo and gold.  Oww, maybe I do have enough fabric. But then will it be too much gold?   I'm going to make a small one as it will take too long for a queen and besides I don't have the fabric.  Just enough in this bundle for the smaller size.

Main Street Log Cabin

So now I need to go back and rethink it all.  Think I'll make some test blocks in some scrappy fabrics to see what I think.  That will give me a taste while I make up my mind.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Final Swoon

Well, only took three days but finally finished the last block of Swoon late this afternoon.    Still not lovin' it but when I lay them all out I thought it was OK.  Soooo maybe when it's all sewn up I'll love it....let's hope so.  The very first quilt that got me hooked on this obsession I just hated as I was sewing it but when it was finished I fell in love and haven't stopped making quilts since that day 20 years ago.