Sunday, October 23, 2016

Productive Weekend

I really have the quilting bug at the moment.  Finished binding my wild Pink Black and White quilt this week, cut the sleeve out, bought fabric for a re-vamped quilt I want to put out as a pattern, finished quilting two quilts this weekend, quilted a sample Nicky made for me, attached the binding (yet to sew it down - that's a night TV job),  attached the borders to the tube quilt, cut the binding, made the backing and loaded it.  Now just have to either sew batting off cuts together of find a piece for the tube quilt and get it started this week.  Can't seem to stop and wishing I had more hours to keep going, but alas back to work tomorrow - but the week goes quick and then I can get more sewing done. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Brisbane Quilt Show

Well another year at the Quilt Show.  Some lovely quilts but vendors getting less and less each year.  BUT I did manage to buy fabric.

First up I got some 30's for a project I found in box from a few years ago.  Have about 12 blocks and need about had to get more fabric.

Next I found some lovely greys and beigy and black and white these tones. 

And these lovely light and dark grey.

Got these lovely plain fabrics.  Good quality homespun and nice fabric.

And my favourite for the day were these to die for aboriginal fabrics.  The colours are just lovely and the patterns just fantastic.  A couple people asked me what project they were for.  Project?  What project?  Seriously?  You have to have a project in mind to buy fabric?  Who knew??????

Monday, October 3, 2016

Tube Quilt

Long weekend here this weekend and I've managed to to not do too much sewing so making up for it this afternoon.  A friend made this quilt in blacks and browns that I just fell in love with so had to make one.  Had a couple of Jelly Rolls laying around so decided to use the greens.  Well it was as dull as dishwater!

So added some light and blues and tans and it sure improved a lot

So have it laid out and now sewing the rows.  Now just need to get some borders for it.

Final Swoon

Well it's finally finished and I still don't love it.  But I know the person I give it to will.

UPDATE Gave it to Jae and she just loves it.  Said it's the best quilt I have ever made :-)