Friday, March 6, 2009

All that fabric

Over the years I have collected great hoards of fabric. I couldn't go near a quilt shop or show without coming home with mountains of the stuff. Every new range would inspire me and I just had to have that fabric. Love that floral. Oh just have to have that Oriental. Oh, just love plaids. I would get home and put it in the cupboard and tell myself I would make it up when I finished such and such a project. Well, lots of projects would get started and then new fabric would find it's way into my cupboard and then a new project would get started and then more fabric would find it's way into my cupboard and then a new project would get started. Oops did I repeat myself!!! Well this has gone on for years and my shelves have reached the point of overflowing. At Christmas I despaired because I had no desire to quilt. What would I do with all that fabric????????

And over the years my tastes have changed and there was lots of fabrics I would never use. Nothing wrong with the fabric but hey, there's new fabric out there! What to do with it? What a waste of money! I felt so guilty for buying it all. I could have a lovely trip to Europe with what I have sitting on my shelves.

But now I'm so very, very grateful that I have all that fabric. Cos now I'm making quilts for the Vic Bushfire people and can think of no better way to use it up.

Had lots of WOW fabric and rarely use white now. Great with 30's fabrics but too bright for me now. (Mind you I recently started a red and white quilt). So this is the start of a queen size pinwheel quilt.

Next I cut up for two nine patch quilts......but as QS quilts are needed I'll try to just make one out of this. Have put this on the back burner while I concentrate on quilts that are quicker to make than a nine patch. Limited red amount but it will work out.

Ironed up all my brights that I have accumulated with the intention of making kids quilts. And boy will this be bright when it gets done.

Found all these florals all cut up from my days of floral quilts. Those days aren't over but they are cut up and will get a quilt done quicker. Had to cut more but have almost finished one QS with the bigger squares. Simple quilt but they always look lovely.


Suze said...

So many fabrics and projects but so little time.

Great idea to do the Victoria Brush Fire Quilts. Winter is approaching.

2ne said...

You have a lot of prodject going on - good luck. Have a kreativ and nice weekend