Friday, July 25, 2008

Something Old, Something New

Long time since I posted. I had cataracts removed and lenses inserted into my eyes and so haven't done too much in the last month. I did a little sewing, but will write about that later in this post. Mostly sitting around and watching TV. I acutally got around to sorting out my cupboards in the sewing room and found lots of things I didn't even know I owned. So no progress on Dear Jane or Civil War quilts. These three blocks from Love Letters were completed before the op.

Florida Has Seceded

Pretty Long March

My Greatest Trial

I know I promised myself that I was going to get stuck into my UFO's this year, but after I came back from the Sydney Show I just had to start one of the quilts from Rememberances. A friend suggested I could start one new quilt for every two UFO's I did..........well no UFO's done but a new one started. Doesn't it look gorgeous!!! Had to make what felt like thousands of 1/2 square triangles and I followed the method in the book (something I do't often do). There was an error in the instructions and I discovered I had to make twice the number of small units than in the instructions. So I thought I would use my Tri Recs rulers for that, but alas they were nowhere to be found.....until I cleaned out my cupboards. By then it was too late and I cut them out the same way. All the blocks and rows are sewn and just now need to sew the top together. I'm so organised with this one that I have enen got the backing - it arrived today.

Peaceful Time

Now in my clean up I found my Tri Recs rulers - in a box with lots of repo fabrics and lots of 1/2 square triangles and stripped fabric. I remebered that when I got the rulers I stripped lots of fabrics and made these up for future use....and forgot about them.
Also in the box was a heap of triangles and rows sewn for a Thousand Pyramid quilt. I had made one and managed to cut far too many triangles and have enough for two quilts (as you do).

So I decided to sew the 1/2 square triangles up into a Pinwheel Quilt. Now wasn't that a bad decision. In my half blind state I managed to break a couple of needles and 1/4 inch seams? 1/4 inch seams? What 1/4 inch seams! When I pressed the seams they were pretty shabby, but I wasn't unpicking. So gave up in the end and went back to the TV till my eyes got better. But the sage didn't end there - when my eyes had improved a little more I thought I would put the quilt together. So I laid out the quilt and marked the rows. The proceeded to put the quilt together. But I managed to sew row 4 to row 3, instead of row 3 to row 4. and row 7 to row 6, instead of row 6 to row 7. This quilt was never meant to be - again I refused to unpick. So I christened the quilt - My Blind Quilt. The phot below was before I sewed the rows together, so it doesn't show the mess I made of it.

My Blind Quilt

You would have thought that with this many pairs of glasses I could sew a seam wouldn't you??????

And now for my Something Old

Feeling guilt about starting more quilts I decided I had beter get some UFO's out of the way. About 18 months ago I cut wadding and started getting backings done for those quilts that just needed quilting. And they stayed in the cupboard ever since. So this week I decided to do something about them. So dragged this one out and found some backing and today loaded it onto the machine. I took part in an internet group Round Robin about 6? Or 7? Or 8 years ago?

Round Robin

So I started to load the quilt and put on a bobbin to wind - only to find my machine in this condition. Now I'm in a panic. Looks like it's it's going to blow up. So, so much for getting UFO's done.

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Maree said...

Hi Maggie...Great to see you back on board, I love your "Blind Quilt" did hear about that but it looks OK to me!! Hope your quilting machine is going again.
see you at sewing.